5 good reasons why you should start your Open Water Training

If you’re in a doubt about starting to dive, we separated some reasons that might help you to find your way to the underwater world:
1. Discover a new world: Are you an explorer? If YES, this is the chance to be on a untamed land in which less than 0.02% of the world population have been. If NO, imagine a way of having a moment for relieving your mind from all the real world distractions. Scuba diving takes you to another place, and also all around the world, as it makes you want to see new dive sites all around.

New world

2. Learn to fly: Scuba diving is not only fun, is also a new skill that you have to learn, exercise, practice and as always ENJOY. The The feeling of weightlessness and no gravity is a therapy and the possibilities to do new acrobatics are infinite.

Learn to fly

  1. Flying underwater with the rays at Playa del Coco

3. Way of life: As you gain entry to this club you get to know people that have the same interests, that dived at the same spots, who love the world as much as you. Scuba divers make love with the ocean, and this connects people everywhere as you start to go deeper and deeper into this water society. You’ll  be in good company: Tiger Woods, Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Tom Cruise…

  1. Way of live
  2. Scuba Friends at Rich Coast Diving

4. Get healthy: You don’t necessaryly have to be in a perfect fitness level to practice it since is not such an extreme activity, but moving your body through a medium that is hundreds of times denser than air makes you work out lots of muscle areas. Scuba diving brings lots of benefits for your mind as well, because it allows you to relax completely and free yourself from stress. Besides, the chances of getting a tan are really huge.

Get Health

5. First bubbles: The open water opens the door for all the other licenses, specialties and adventures. After it, you’ll be able to go as deep as 18m, however, as you decide to go deeper, to visit natural cave formations, start taking some pictures or even check out some fish sleeping over the night, you’ll notice that it is time to move along to the next training level. As you go further, you’ll start getting addicted to compressed air and will wish to make more and more bubbles.

  1. Bubble Rings
  2. Photo credits: http://www.divematrix.com/showthread.php?1860-Show-your-bubble-rings

So, if these reasons are good enough for you to start your open water, come visit us and enjoy some time here in Playa Del Coco. Pura Vida!


One thought on “5 good reasons why you should start your Open Water Training

  1. Love this blog!! I’m a certified open water diver and just started a blog on my journey to certification in Sombrero Beach and would love a few followers! Also, I checked out your internship program..looks awesome. May have to visit Costa Rica and try it out.

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