Discover scuba dive with kids – Experience record

Working as a divemaster is an unpredictable  job. Everyday, unexpected encounters await for us, in the open water or even at the office. Over the last weeks we have been doing some really nice workshop for the kids from Green Life Academy here in El Coco. And this week, finally for the best part of the whole project, we took the kids to the water!

First part for the Discover Scuba Dive program: briefing. After a few minutes of letting the kids spend their morning energy, we put them into the classroom , making  them more involved with the underwater environment we first showed  some videos, and  finally teaching them about the basic information for their first dive adventure.

The fun part of the teaching was the most important consideration, but with kids it seems pretty easy to achieve this. As a matter of fact, the kids where pretty much entertaining us for the same amount.

greenlife01 greenlife04 greenlife02 greenlife03greenlife05 greenlife06

Time for the pool! Actually, we could call this the hyperactive time! The moment the kids saw the pool and all the equipment, they were so excited!  Trying everything and having fun in the pool  took us a little while before going for the skills. Everybody was really fine with most of the skills teaching, but having 10 kids in the water, that are all friends of each other and keeping control of them is a difficult task. After finishing the skills, the kids were able to swim and practice their buoyancy a little better before going to the sea. You can imagine a little bit how we had a  traffic jam with ten kids under the water in the pool at the same time! But at the end, most of the kids got used to it and mastered the skill really quickly.

greenlife07 greenlife08 greenlife09 greenlife10 greenlife11 greenlife12 greenlife13

One day later, they’re ready for the next step: The open water. Some of the parents decided to join, so making the group even bigger. After we’ve got the all a board, we divided them by groups in order to keep control and their attention. When one group was underwater, the rest of the young ones were snorkeling with our divemasters.

greenlife14 greenlife15greenlife16 greenlife17

One of the most rewarding experiences ever, seeing the look in the eyes of the kids after they got comfortable in the open water environment. And they did it pretty fast! It’s quite impressive the way a kids mind works, and after they passed through the first bubbles they started to float perfectly. And after a few minutes, the first big encounter underwater happened for them: a group of White tip Reef Sharks and a Nurse Shark showed up, just swimming around them. This made it the golden key for the whole project.

Back to the boat, all the smiles on their faces and the feeling of a good job! I could count 10 new future divers, or at least 10 adults with a good knowledge about our world and the underwater nature.


Hope to see all those junior divers again really soon!


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