IDC Diary – Day 2

All speed for the Second Day on the IDC. For waking up better, we started the day watching some fun videos, just for illustrate how things work when we are under the pressure of an exam!

Well the video illustrates main things: how even when we have knowledge enough, because of the pressure we can fail in some aspects; and how to use videos during our training. The second reason is probably the one we should learn better how to use. Getting the attention from the students is the most important thing, and when you can make it work with a valuable situation or a funny story, helps them to understand better the concepts of the diving theory.

This video is essentially what brought us to the main subject of the class: the Prescriptive training. This means filling the gaps on the teaching project, and making the new knowledge valuable and easy assimilative for the students showing them how can they use it in real situations.

So each of the candidates was assigned with a different scenario where we will have to develop a knowledge presentation for filling a gap for the Open Water students. The scenarios were students that weren’t able to achieve the knowledge mastery, having some mistakes on the Quizz or the Knowledge review. And our task is to use the best of our tools to ensure they learn properly.

By the end of the day we were finishing our class plan, and trying to figure out how to improvise with different resources and making the classes more fun. Like we just learned this morning, we can use videos, or whatever it makes people imagine themselves in those situations.

My case, I’ll have to teach about how to behave if you find yourself in a entanglement situation. So I’m thinking about tying myself and just… Improvise 🙂

Let’s see tomorrow how it goes, hope to have some fun stories to share!


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