IDC Diary – Day 3

The third day of the IDC marks our first day practicing our presentations! During this morning we were running through some questions and using our creativity to improvise and make the best of the resources we have with the help of Martin and Barbara.

The prescriptive classes for the open water helps a lot on that. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re missing one of the best resources PADI can offer. It’s an interactive tool that helps you during your presentations. It provides you with visual aids and videos for the knowledge reviews.

Prescriptive Classes Prescriptive Classes Captura de tela 2013-11-13 às 23.27.49 Captura de tela 2013-11-13 às 23.27.56

On this first presentations our focus were on getting used to the platform and exercise the sequence and the topics of the lesson plan. Two things were really funny during the presentations: the creativity of the stories that we came up with to explain some dive situations and again, the multilingual presentations. It’s so rich to be in a environment where you can speak 2 to 3 languages, learn, develop yourself and better yet, have some good time 🙂

During the afternoon, Brenda came up to tell us a little bit about marketing. First we discussed the consistency of the PADI Brand. It’s unanimous how PADI is the top of mind for diving everywhere, from all countries we all have dived in. Then, we discussed a little bit about the role of the PADI Open Water instructor in the dive shop’s marketing and more important, how PADI can help you in your business. There is plenty of materials available that are really useful for your local or personal advertising.

Tomorrow it’s our first skill section, followed by some more presentations! It’s gonna be the warm up for the so expected Instructor Examination, and the moment to polish our skills again!

See you tomorrow 😀


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