IDC Diary – Day 4

One thing is for sure: the IDC is really a intense training. So far today was our longest day, we started around 8h for a skill circuit and ended up the day around 21h with the presentations.

But, for sure is rewardful. Just of thinkg about every day I am one step closer of being an instructor and start putting more bubbles in others people life makes me rush again to go deeper and deeper!

idc03 idc04 idc05 idc06

Pool sessions: great time for putting back on practice all the skills before the IE, and also to fix some glitches that many of us have sometimes, all those small things that you may not got completely right during your DMT. Is pretty much a sharpener work. And as always, is really cool to be in the water, even if just for practicing, those are first breaths of compressed air as a Instructor trainee 🙂

During the afternoon, some more workshops. The main themes were DSD, Skin Diving and Snorkeling and diving with kids. The reason to put them together in the presentation sequence might be because of the importance of those three topics when comes about how to bring potential divers to our world. The firsts steps must be always the most enjoyable, so is important to make sure everybody has a good experience, stressless and SAFE. People who doesn’t feel comfortable during the first dives is very unlikely to return to dive. So it’s a primary concert to hook them to our underwater world.

Them, during the end of the day, back to the classes presentations. Today was the second presentation of three. All classes are aiming to practice and mastering the PADI materials and techniques for teaching, and implementing our attitude with towards to the role of an instructor.
idc01 idc02

Well now it’s some time to study. Tomorrow we’re gonna have the exam, pretty much finishing our dive knowledge part.


One thought on “IDC Diary – Day 4

  1. Our IDC blogger is Felipe from Brazil, We really appreciate his input every day after a hard and full idc day. His blogs are full of information so you get an idea about our IDC’s. This blog on day 4 really shows he has had a long day 🙂 thanks Felipe, you rock!

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