IDC Diary – Day 5

Happy birthday to you! And some sugar for us to start the day! Today was our scuba instructor JP’s birthday, and lucky us that had some good time and good energy from the cake on the morning

Inverting the papers in the class today morning. Barbara started the day doing a presentation of a topic that we had discussed the day before. And now our role it’s to examine and evaluate her presentation. Her topic was problems with clips and releases on our BCD. Sounds something really quickly to present in a prescription form and with all the aids from the PADI materials. But ended up passing some 15 minutes, where the average of a presentation should be approximately eight minutes with an ratio of 1 interaction every 2 minutes. You know what, talking like that made me think that I’m probably still thinking as an examiner :). But then, it probably means that the plan worked. Now it appears easy to stick to the PADI teaching pattern.


The presentations are quite easy actually, but the second part of the day we were supposed to start the exam. Martin asked us with we would like to first review some subjects, and… Yeah we agree that it was probably a good idea :). But just so it helps us to achieve mastery on all those knowledges, after all, even being kind of difficult sometimes, we must be able to understand all the concepts before teaching our students.

And it was in fact a good idea because we still had a few pertinent questions which triggered some good subjects to discuss in class.

After covering the main topics of physics, physiology and equipment, we started the exam. We took 1:30h to cover all the 100 questions. And the scores shows us that the knowledge refresh was needed. There was a small amount of fails in some points, but still on time to reinforce some knowledge before the IE exam. At the end of the exam for example, we realized that most of us after starting using our dive computers got kind of distant from our first friend to plan recreational dive, the old school (but still up to date) RDP. Even tough using the computer is so more simple and also better adaptable to our dive plan, we are now responsible for teaching how to use the PADI tables. So the keypoint here on learning how to teach it’s practicing. With lots of variations and different dive profiles until it makes us closer friends to the PADI RDP again. We are lucky that Martin is a tough guy, so it’s pretty clear that he is not gonna let us go until he is sure we have everything that takes to be a GOOD scuba instructor. Even if it takes a long time

idc11 idc09

Tomorrow we will have the second part of the exam, related to the instructor manual and the guide to teach, some tools that we have in order to make sure we follow the PADI standards as a PADI professional. So I still got some time to review some things for tonight 🙂


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