IDC Diary – Day 6

Exams: Done! Today we just finished the last part of the Dive knowledge development regarding the PADI Standards.  It’s was more about testing how able we are to use the Padi Instructor Manual. This book is a guideline for the PADI model of work and cover all subjects related to PADI trainings.

For example, there are different considerations about diving with young kids less than 12 for example that we should think of. So whenever a group of divers with kids wants to take a training. Due to safety reasons, the radio of 1 instructor per 8 students drops of to 1:4. These are the standards that PADI created do assure the quality level of their training all around the world, and we are now able to keep on with the good work along with PADI.

So far so good! It’s not that difficult to make this kind of exam having the manual. And it shouldn’t be difficult. PADI is not concerned about you memorizing hundreds of standards, rules and exceptions. Their focus is on making sure you know where and how to find the most typical questions that you might have someday working as a Dive Instructor.

After solving all the missed questions of the group we jumped for a new subject today. Business of Diving. Not really deep into this subject, just the basics so we understand better all the aspects of the diving industry. There are lot of information regarded to that and PADI organize seminars and web conferencing for discuss the trends and development of it.

IDC Crew from Nov. 2013
One of the role of the PADI Instructor is to evaluate and supervise the local market activities in order to improve the reach of the diving industry. So we worked on some SWOT analysis based on our experience in other dive shops and discussed some statistics about the PADI community.

We also covered some information about diver disabilities and the importance of being able to provide a quality approach on the training. We must be successful on adapting to all kinds of different needs for everybody who wants to become a diver, but still making sure everybody attend to the same training requirements. Makes our work more challenger and rewardful since we are dealing with overcoming physical or psychologic needs.

We are probably about to end with all the knowledge development. By the end of the day we were discussing already our Confined water skill presentations. And tomorrow we are gonna practice and evaluate our skills, now on demonstration and instructor level.

Still lot of work to do for tomorrow since we have to plan our presentation, so now this if the second part of my night shift as an Instructor trainee :). Tomorrow we check how were the presentations like! Hasta mañana!


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