IDC Diary – Day 7

You know those days when you wake up 6 in the morning to get earlier to the diveshop, so you can take a breakfast with some calm while reviewing your objectives for the day on your way to become a scuba instructor? I hope that some of you know that feeling, because it’s really rewardful. For those who don’t know, don’t worry, I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated to the day-to-day here during the IDC 😀

Starting the day the confined water presentations. Quick and easy, let’s go to the water! Always good to have some refresh after two days of exams right.IDC - Rescue Skill IDC - Rescue Skill IDC - Rescue Skill

Our goal was to simulate a teaching scenario, making shifts on the roles, being sometimes an instructor, sometimes and assistant and sometimes being students with problems. This simulation covers most of the problems scenarios, and help us to practice on how to be able to respond properly and fast to all situations. Always some minor details to fix, however we all achieve passing scores! Great!

We also spend some time practicing again the rescue skill. The rescue course is focused on some more important aspects of safety when diving, so it demands some special attention on the skills to ensure a responsible attitude. It’s important to have a good experience, because when you start teaching those divers you are actually spreading life savers all around the world.  So practicing it’s the best way to teach it properly later.

Back to the classroom after 4 hours of pool training. Time to finish the last presentation. After those first days learning with Martin, Barbara and Brenda, we started getting more comfortable. And creative as well. Gabriel decided to use some Guns’n Roses dancing and was able to link this to the role of a dive professional. His keyword was inspiration, and he told us how those guys inspired him and how we learn better when we have a role model to inspire in. This is what we all agree in the Code of Conduct of the Dive Professional from PADI, to be a person in which the divers fell safe, recognize a good level of knowledge and act responsible. All those aspects together makes you an idol for the dive students.
IDC Presentations IDC Presentations

Luckily today we finished the class earlier (around 7pm actually) and Martin proposed us to make a workshop for that night. But this time on the Coconuts, one of our favorite meeting center here on El Coco for a quick socialize workshop :). We went for a few beers for celebrating the first week of the IDC and all the good results. And to finish the first week with a big smile on the face to start up the next one, just a few days to become an instructor.

But still, some preparations for the morning after, so now it’s time to prepare the next confined water skills. See you tomorrow!


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