IDC Diary – Day 11

Last day of the IDC! Well, kind of… We still have one day left tomorrow, but, we just finished everything! Even in a big group of 8 candidates, we were able to finish all the workshops, presentations and skills circuit a day ahead of the training program. This morning we just run over the last two workshops about the Rescue and the Divemaster courses.

The rescue course can be the first door for the professional diving career, so we discussed a lot on how to make the course fun and enjoyable. Marin shared some funny situations he got into during some trainings he did in the past, and we also shared a few episodes. Even being one of the most important course, due to all the scenarios and simulations, the rescue course will probably provide a lot of good experiences. 

IDC Rescue workshop

The value for the divers is that the course encourage them to care for the well being of others, improve their own problem solution abilities and prepare them psychologically to help others. It improves their confidence and of course, will make them better divers. For the instructors, teaching the course may helps us to keep our skills sharp. The main goal of the rescue course is to increase diver awareness and safety.

A good option for the rescue course is to link another courses during the scenarios. You might involve your students on a Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty, since one of the skills of the course is about using the emergency oxygen. If you provide them the knowledge for the specialty, they can quickly practice the skills during the rescue course, enhancing their experience.

The last workshop of the IDC was the Divemaster course. We started watching a video about children behavior and how can they be influenced by the adults:

The relationship between the video and the Divemaster course is explicit. As a Divemaster, it’s your duty to be a role model of the diving industry, how to dive safely, aware and responsible. And for the Divemaster Instructor, your role is even more important in being a mentor through their path as a PADI PRO. The objective of the DMT Course is to not only expands skills but also addresses attitudes and judgement by sharing knowledge. Our goal is to help candidates to gain experience and develop exemplary diving skills, rescue skills and professional-level dive theory knowledge. Once you follow these guidelines, being a counselor might be rewardful since it will increase other people enthusiasm for diving. The advantages to the instructor on having a DMT is that helps you to keep your knowledges sharp, and you will be training your own personal assistant of course. And the main advantages for the Student is that they will have credentials to work as a dive professional as well as develop their confidence by knowing that they can take charge of dive activities. During the Divemaster Course, the diver will start experience his first real life scenarios from his future professional life. Some linking courses that works really well on the DMT training are the Deep and the Navigation specialty, since those are mandatory dives in the program. You might use them to raise interest on the diver for specialty courses.

Before finishing the day, we all did again the exam, just to test again our new knowledges acquired after all those knowledge development.

Now the great news is that we might choose between having a day off for taking some rest before the Instructor examination, or have some extra practice in whatever part we want. Martin is gonna be on the class for reviewing theory like physics and physiology and we have a pool and tanks available for practicing skills. And by the end of the day we are gonna be introduced to our examiner as well as work on our real exam. And also we are gonna have our presentations assignments to start working on it. Just a few more days to become an Instructor 🙂


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