IDC Diary – First day at the IE

After 12 days of hard work, it’s time to start revealing the results. Today was the last day of our IDC, as I wrote before, nothing left to do today, so we just splitted the group in three: some of us went to the pool, some went to class to refresh again some theory and some decided to take a morning off an some rest before the next step.

In the afternoon we all met together with another groups at the Lazy Frog Hotel for the introduction of our Instructor Examination. Our examiner is Gary Newman, he first introduced himself and them asked for the other courses directors to introduce themselves to all the candidates as well. The ambient could not be more enjoyable, we were a few meters from the beach and waiting by the pool relaxing for the next hours.

IDC candidates at the pool

For many people the word Exam might sound like something scary, and even if not scary, most of us don’t feel comfortable on being tested. It’s a form of pressure sometimes, but somehow we got to measure knowledge and skills for becoming a Instructor. So Gary changed the concept of the next few days asking us to view this not as an exam but as a Review of everything we’ve been doing. They’re just gonna check everything we learned during the last days and help us to conquer the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certificate. And just for making it easier, we started by remembering the first rule of Scuba Diving: Never hold your breath. Relax and breath.

The structure of the Instructor examination is:

  • Introduction and assignments
  • Theory and standards exam
  • Confined water skill circuit and presentations
  • Knowledge presentations
  • Open water skills and rescue scenario

Mission accomplished on the first two steps! Right after introducing himself, Gary delivered us the assignments and subjects for the next phases followed by the Exams. The results of the exams? Well let’s see…

IDC Exam results IDC Exam results IDC Exam results IDC Exam results

Success! All of us passed the exams with no fail! Martin was probably the most anxious one today, every time some of us finished the exam he would come to the table together and check the result with us. And we were all proud of the results. But still a few steps more before fully celebrating. We still have some more missions to accomplish.

Tomorrow we are getting done with Confined water skills in the morning and Knowledge presentations in the afternoon. Time to go home now and prepare the lessons and review the skills for the test. Tomorrow will be another victory day 😀


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