IDC Diary – IE day 2

After a good rest in the night and in the morning, we started the second part of the Instructor Examination with a lot of energy, around 9am.

The first part of the skills circuit was in the pool. We were all required to demonstrate a few skills that are mandatory for all the candidates. Nothing hard here, just the same practice that Martin has been doing with us during these last 12 days. And nothing really changed that much, because the Examiner divided the groups according to the CDC they were trained at, so our buddies were even the same, allowing us to fell even more relaxed. The skills we practiced were: regulator recovery and clear, free flow regulator breath, neutral buoyancy, shared air source and the CESA.

And guess what? We all were approved. The scores were all at least 22 out of 25! Right after it we started the confined water skills. Again, nothing much different than what Martin was teaching us. As it was said by Gary in the first day, the Instructor Examination is something that should be more relaxed and easy than the IDC, since we done everything already in the IDC. You can face the IE just as a review of what we learned in the program and a last fine tune on us before becoming a PADI Instructor.

IDC Instructor Examination IDC Instructor Examination IDC Instructor Examination IDC Instructor Examination

The confined water skills presentation was also really quick, and we had a big lunch time for preparing the Open Water briefings for presenting on the afternoon. Back on the class at 3pm to start the Knowledge presentations. Now it seems even more fluid when we start the presentations. Everybody with a good contact for getting the attention for the the presentation, some fun videos as well, and Sandra made us all fell hungry by displaying some pictures of Christmas dinner an making a relation with nitrogen absorption. People learn better when they can relate the new experience with something that they already deal with in the past, but I’m not sure if that works when they get hungry as well 🙂
IDC Instructor Examination

Last part of the presentations were the Open Water presentations. And now we are ready for the last step before becoming and Instructor, the Open Water Skills. Tomorrow we are going to the ocean to present our last skills to the examiner. And after demonstrating the Rescue Skills, we are done with the whole program 😀

It’s been 13 days now since we meet ourselves, still divemasters, and now all of us are really looking forward for the certification. Tomorrow I’ll come back here to present ourselves as PADI Open Water Instructors.


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