IDC Diary – Last words

Yesterday was a short day. We were supposed to finish with the Emergency First Response Instructor course, but we had a electricity shortage in El Coco, as announced a day before. And that means that we finally had a time for a Happy Hour after all these days of study and hard work!

And today, the 26 of November, we are finished with all the steps of becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. We just finished the last part of the EFR Instructor Course, the last presentations. 

The focus on this last course was on building our coaching skills for training new responders. The EFR skills are very sensitive and our role as instructors is to encourage and develop knowledge so people can respond properly to life threatening situations. But that doesn’t mean we were not supposed to have fun on the training, as you can see on this video, it’s always possible have some good time during the courses!

EFR Instructor Training Video
EFR Instructor Training EFR Instructor Training EFR Instructor Training EFR Instructor Training

Rich Coast Diving also offered us the chance of doing our first specialty course, the Project Aware Shark Conservation Diver. It’s a short course, we watched a few videos and gathered some information about shark conservation. After it, in order to have the Instructor level certification we had to do once again a knowledge development presentation. After 12 days practicing presentations and being tested for it, it was natural to perform this last one! And after it we went for the first dive as Instructors to watch some sharks and finish the training.

Project Aware Shark Specialty

The IDC Days are now over. Next IDC is now in about a few months, in January. And hopefully we are gonna have another candidate sharing his experiences with you!

Here is a list of all the posts of the IDC Diary:


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