First weeks as a PADI Open Water Dive Instructor

A few weeks ago I was posting in this blog about the day-to-day during the PADI Instructor Development Course. Now after it’s finished, I’m finally having the chance of teaching the first courses here at Rich Coast Diving.

During the first weeks after the IDC, we were really busy here at Playa del Coco with lots of students doing advanced courses and some specialties like the Shark and the Manta specialty. So my first experiences as an Instructor was teaching the Discovery Scuba Diving program. The DSD program is quite simple, and it helped me to realize the questions that some students have during their first steps on their dive training.

The next steps were quite more fun! I had a few Advanced Open Water students. The dives we did were the Navigation, Deep, Night, Peak Performance Buoyancy and the Boat Dive. Some of the students dived around here in Playas del Coco, but some of them had the chance to finish their course in Islas Catalinas.  I have to say that it was quite an ADVENTURE to do the Navigation dive with the currents at Catalinas, but we did it successfully and surrounded by some sharks, manta rays and some breathtaking huge schools of Barracudas. Teaching the Advanced course provides a lot of knowledge for us, instructors as well. Every time I had to do the Navigation dive, I figured out some new references that I can use to improve my own navigation, and also new ideas come from the students all the time.
Advanced Open Water StudentsDive Briefing

Besides individuals experiences and the trainings, becoming an Instructor made a huge difference when it comes to dive guiding as well. Of course because it improves a lot about your knowledge in diving and people, but more because it makes you more confident of your diving skills. After so much practice and learning, I noticed that everything sounds way easier now. Another example of skills that improved a lot during my training were the Emergency First Response procedures. Before my IDC, I knew only the basic about the EFR skills, but after some practice and the EFR Instructor training I noticed that, again, everything was getting quite easier. And teaching the EFR Program; something that I wouldn’t expect to do so soon, was a simple task.

After 3 weeks of my Instructor certification I certified about 10 different students. And more to come on the next few days :). As soon as I got 25 certifications, the next step is Master Scuba Diver Trainer!


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