The social aspect of diving.

The new year has started off pretty busy with loads of interesting and fun divers from all over.  This time and age the single dive travelers group is growing and it never seems to be a problem to be solo because in general divers are a pretty social breed.  Contacts start in the morning in the shop and continue on the boat and expand into friendships at happy hour.  This last 2 weeks we have been really busy both diving but also socially.  Many happy hours and dinners out; I even had a night where I offered to cook at home and serve a group of divers my famous chili.

We had a group of repeat divers who always like to get that little extra, you know, the feeling of being a bit special.  Of course they are going to get the recognition they are looking for plus we include new divers, so they can see how the diver community works.  As experience divers we all know that the dive world is pretty small, even though there are thousands and thousands of divers at all levels.  How many times, as a dive professional did you not bump into a diver that knows somebody who knows somebody who knows you?  This always is a good way to get the conversation going and before you know it Facebook names are being swapped,; did you know the average diver has more friends on Facebook than a non diver.  Making Facebook a very strong marketing tool for the dive business but also for you to find a dive buddy.cheers

This week we had Lee from the US, who has been here before and is now planning on bringing groups (always a good thing) Then there was Joseph, also an instructor from the US who just wanted to team teach a little and help load and unload the boat ( who am I to say No?)  Wendy came along with Lee and she just loves animals ( as she works at a Vets place in the US) So what happened?  I ended up giving shelter to another stray cat 🙂

Then Ron (a regular who lives here part-time) who was pretty happy to find a TEC buddy in Joseph as Martin was busy in the IDC.  2 female instructors Tammi and Louise came along to a happy hour and before they left Coco they donated a big jug of dark beer straight from the brewery, which was a great enjoyment right after the IDC.  Keeley and David were very happy with their dive guide Jean Paul and took him out for dinner a few times and after they left, their groceries were divided here in the shop among all staff members 🙂  Just as I am writing this, one of my students just phoned me up and invited me for a dinner at his house.  So as you can see, lots of divers is lots of diving and hard work, but the social life that comes with this jobs is well worth it!idc

It already starts when you get to the open water course, who did not laugh at the PADI slogan, go places, do things, meet people?  But how true this statement really is we only find out after we enter the dive community.  Just wear a dive T-shirt and go shopping, even in a supermarket the T-shirt can start-up a conversation!  Want to be a diver?  Join our community, WE will get you certified, sign up now for the eLearning and we will give you 2 extra FREE dives after certification!  What are you waiting for?  Click here and become one of the social fish!


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