Marine science program for the younger diver

Last week we had our first class day at the Greenlife Academy (the international school here in Coco)  We are determined to teach the kids about the ocean and all the problems the humans are causing towards its habitants.

We started off explaining the program, the class was full with enthusiastic 10 to 14 year olds, who were full off all kinds of ideas.  So after our presentation we asked about their input, the response was huge. Poor parents, if only did they know that their kids are including them into this project.  🙂  Moms are being opted to volunteer for sewing jobs, Dads for transportation, for media exposure and uncles to help raise money to protect the ocean.  Lets see if they are just as trilled as the kids 🙂CIMG7501

marine science






We will be present at this school every Friday from 1pm till 2.30pm, so our program is officially part of the schools curriculum 🙂

Of course we also give them the opportunity to get certified so they will be an even closer step towards the ocean.  This first blog is still from me, but we had kids volunteer about being part of our media team so hopefully we can have one of the kids do the next blog.  We are certainly looking forward to a successful program!


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