Humpback whales on your very first Open water dives

Yesterday was an awesome day to dive!  Just picture the day of 3 Norwegian girls just travelling Costa Rica and then deciding to get PADI certified. They called us up last week, made the reservation and 3 days ago they were sitting in the classroom behind the video. Now after 2 long days of theory and pool they were ready for dive 1 and 2 of their open water course.  This time of the year the water is a bit chilly here in Coco, but it brings in great marine life. To great joy of these 3 girls because just as they surfaced from their deep water entry on dive 2 they spotted whales!  a mama humpback whale with her calf were swimming straight at them!  How exciting!!!!

Martin, their instructor told them to go down and follow his lead, so the 3 girls and their dive master in-training Calum, followed the directions and all 5 of them were about 1 meter away from mom the humpback with her calf above  🙂  As she swam by they had a bit of eye contact and then she swept her tail and took off.  the divers could feel the power of her tail as a strong current.  Later Mom surfaced by our other boat just as the  divers finished their second dive, so they  got a glimpse of her as well.  Unfortunately, some entered the water really quick to have the same experience but alas, no such luck.girls

Today the girls went out for dive 3 and 4, so lets see how their experience was today.  I bet many hard core divers are jealous of their whale encounter!


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