Kids point of view

Back in front of the class at the Green life Academy.  Last week we assigned teams of 2 students to create a project on their assigned endangered marine creature.  Emily and Christa were team Turtle and handed in a great paper on the problems the turtles in Costa Rica have to face.  This is their conclusion:

“I think how we should tell people that hunting down turtles is wrong.  They help us in our environment in many ways.  But I think people don’t understand that.  They need to see that turtles and other species are very important to our environment and that without them, we humans can die.  only just for a very dumb reasons to just waste the rest, we don’t need their shell or soup or medicine because that doesn’t really help us in general.  We all know it’s all about the money and it’s very unfair to the rest of us and I think we should stop this by working all together”kids aware

James wrote the following as part of the dolphin team:

“Dolphins are endangered mostly in Japan were they hunt them for their meat, skin and fins.  It’s the same thing as sharks.  The Japanese “excuse” for this is that it is used for medicine. LIES, lies, lies and more lies.  All of that is ……….well you know what I mean.  Dolphins have saved 5000 many people throughout time and it breaks my hearth that this is our response to that”

Ysabela from the Orca team wrote:

“a very sad problem is that orca’s are captured (for example in sea world) and their dorsal fin collapses.  Their fin falls because after swimming around in circles; it does not get enough exercise as it would in the big ocean.  They also do this to show that they are upset.  This can be solved by having people visit the orcas, not the orcas visiting the people.  The aquariums and stuff can be used for famous people who helped the ocean life, and informational facts about ocean life.  This would be very helpful for the orcas, so they aren’t sad and they are getting exercise”



It was really fun seeing their input on these projects, some kids made little video clips and one student brought in a shark.  Their enthusiasm keeps us going, hopefully we can spread the message to SAFE our Ocean!

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