Diving with Whale sharks

At the Green life Academy we are working towards a marine science fair to be held later this year.  All the kids were to choose a type of Shark to present at this fair. Isabela’s choice was the Whale Shark.  She handed in a great poster with loads of information about this wonderful creature.  Whale sharkNow we will help each kid with their research project and this week we picked Isabela’s because believe it or not, WE HAD TWO WHALE SHARKS ON OUR DIVE YESTERDAY AT THE CATALINA’S!   Of course all divers were ecstatic and even more so after 4 Giant Manta rays passed over 🙂  All in all an awesome dive!  We are waiting for the pictures that  one of our divers took so keep an eye on our facebook page for the proof!  https://www.facebook.com/richcoastdiving

Here are some facts on the Whale Shark:

  • Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea, reaching up to 20 M and can weigh over 20 tons.
  • In 1996 a whale shark was captured, which was pregnant with 300 babies all in different stages.  Some still as eggs and some ready to be born.  This  makes us think that whale sharks are Oviviparous   Wikipedia:( a mode of reproduction in animals in which embryos develop inside eggs that are retained within the mother’s body until they are ready to hatch. Ovoviviparous animals are similar to viviparous species in that there is internal fertilization and the young are born live, but differ in that there is no placental connection and the unborn young are nourished by egg yolk😉
  • Pups are born over a long period of time and are 40 – 60 cm long.
  • Whale Sharks have to be around 30 years old before they can have pups, which is a very long time when they are being hunted & killed, this is why they are coming close to extinction!
  • Whale Sharks have a large mouth up to 1.5M wide & it contains 300 rows of tiny teeth.  This makes them filter feeders, they eat small animals like krill floating in the water, but also on red crab and small fish.
  • Whale Sharks can get as old as 100- 150 years!
  • The name “Whale Shark” comes from: Whale: It’s size of course, and like many Whales it is a filter feeder, even though it is not a mammal but a fish.  Shark: The fact it has a pair of dorsal fins and pectoral fins.

This is basically what Isabel found on her project and just have a look at the picture of her work!  Well done Isabel.


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