Martha and her Manta

Martha and Calum came from the Uk to do their Divemaster internship. As most of you know part of the DM training includes assisting in courses. So Martha had her first assist with Martin in a PADI Open Water course. 2 cute sisters age 12 and 14 from Canada. It was hard work but lots of fun. In the mean time Calum was doing some fun dives,helping out around the shop and his turn to assist in the Open water course was when 3 Norwegian girls emailed the shop. This did not contribute to Martha’s ever so good mood. Questions about their appearance came flying out, wondering if they were good-looking, how old ect. Anyway Calum left with Martin on Open water dive 1 and 2 and came back with a smile from ear to ear! They had a very close, I mean almost touching experience with a momma humpback with her calf! Can you imagine a HUMPBACK WHALE on your dive????? 🙂 dmtFew days later everything back to normal and Calum was assigned to assist on a Catalina Trip while Martha took on her second Open water course. I guess you want to know the rest? Calum came back telling us about his experience with 5 manta rays and 2 WHALESHARKS!! If we did not have a shop full of happy divers I am sure Martha would have burst into tears! Next few days there were Manta rays on the local dives but unfortunately for Martha she was doing her pool skills with Martin, Satu and Calum. So another Catalina trip came along. Martha had the choice, assist on another open water course or go to Cats. There was some hesitation as for Catalina they have to be in the shop at 6 am, and seeing there had been mantas around on the local dive sites…(start 7.30am)…hmmm, she did not leave it to chance and picked Catalina’s:) Now we have a happy Martha in the shop because she finally had her first Giant Manta encounter!


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