Remember your first breath underwater?  How many times did people ask you this?  As a PADI pro, they remind you loads of times to think about your first experience, picture yourself in your students position.  My first experience was awesome, it was cold and murky but I enjoyed it very much.  It made me want to continue to get certified!  of course I had no intention to make it a profession.  I was a chef and enjoyed cooking, running tables and talking to people about everything and nothing.  One of my friends was taking the divemaster course and I had a peak in his encyclopedia.  Wow, you must be crazy, so much information, it seems like you are studying to become a doctor!  Currently the divemaster course has changed and it all seems so much easier. 🙂

A professional move to Curacao changed my mind.  Why do I want to stand in a kitchen if I can be enjoying the ocean and get paid as well?  I bought a dive center ( I know we are a bit impulsive) and then became an instructor.  At this moment I am a Course Director, who would have thought that in the ’90’s?  I am diving, running around and still talking to people about everything and nothing.:)

We offer various internships to teach you how to take this step.  How would you like to move to Costa Rica for 3 months, dive with Manta’s , sharks and big schools of fish and talk to people about everything and nothing?  Go pro join us for your Divemaster internship!



After all the talking you do, you realize how small the world is, because no matter where you go diving you will  always meet somebody who knows somebody who knows YOU!   TAKE THE STEP, GO PRO, JOIN US NOW!


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