More advantages during our Divemaster internship

Here at Rich Coast Diving we train many divemasters, one of the most popular ways to reach this level is for divers to do some sort of internship. During an internship you receive many advantages versus paying for your divemaster. Our internship here in Costa Rica is not for FREE, you do need to pay for all books and your PADI fees and in return you will learn new things, gain work experience (great to put on your CV for future reference) and make loads of new friends.  Did you know that the average diver has more friends on facebook than the non divers?  Great to know you might always have a place to crash during your travels around the world 🙂hammack

What makes the internship at Rich Coast special, why should you do it in Costa Rica instead of somewhere else?

  • Divemaster course
  • Search & Recovery Specialty
  • Deep Specialty
  • Aware Shark specialty
  • NEW : EFR instructor rating

You will receive all this for only $625, and a big advantage to this is, during your internship you can already start teaching and receive your first certified students in EFR!   You will already have the EFRI level when you decide to go into the IDC, so this saves you some time and your on your way towards your first 25 certs to apply for MSDT after you finished 5 PADI specialties.


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