Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Here at Rich Coast Diving we have been focusing on teaching specialties, this gives the staff some variety in teaching.  When you join our team as a OWSI we highly recommend you climb the ladder with the start of becoming an MSDT.  This rating makes you more knowledgeable and your  work weeks are way more interesting.   One day you will be teaching a PADI Open Water course and once you finish you might move on to teaching a Shark Specialty, going on deep dives or enjoying the dives while taking photos during a Digital Underwater Specialty.

One of the most popular specialty is the Project Aware Shark,  We encounter sharks almost on a daily base, so both for the instructor and the student this is a very fun dive to do.  It is only a 1 day course with 2 dives, and prerequisites for the dives is being an Open water diver.White tip

Another popular one is for the more challenging diver: Sidemount.diver.  TEC diving is an upcoming thing the last few years, divers are looking for new challenges, and push their boundaries,so why not be a part if this new trend? Sidemount is the first step towards  TEC diving and you can teach this to open water divers as well!

Of course you do not need to work with us to reach the level of Master scuba diver or Master Scuba Diver Trainer.  Packages with 5 specialties start at $500.

Broaden your horizons, take the challenge  and make your diving Career SPICY!





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