Kids Marine Science Saturday 23-08. Do you believe in Mermaids?

Long long ago, in the Deep Sea kingdom, there lived a little mermaid, Sirenetta. She was beautiful, lovely and had the best voice. She fell in love with a real human.  Everyone knows the famous Disney story about the little mermaid. Last Saturday in the Kids Marine Science Class we got the question ‘Do mermaids really exist?’ Nobody knows but we got a smart kid in class who said: ‘At the moment, we only know a bit of the ocean, so who knows?’


We started the class with some explanation about the Mermaid. The word Mermaid is a word made of two parts; the word Mer refers to the ancient English word for sea and maid to a female. Mermaids are usually considered to be really beautiful and attractive. The body exist of two parts: they have the torso of a fish and the upper body of a human being. There are many different legends about mermaids. According to one legend, there were many instances where  sailors thought they caught a glimpse of a beautiful Mermaid. They were so attracted to it, that they jumped into the sea to make contact and never came back…


The girls were really excited about the mermaids. Some of them really think they exist and next Saturday Samantha will give us a presentation on what she believes about Mermaids.  Getting curious already and cant wait to see  what she is going to enlighten us with!

The boys preferred more a tough topic such as the giant squid. We still know very little about this amazing animal but we got some cool facts:

  • The eyes of the giant squid are the size of a football or a human head
  • Giant squids are one of the biggest animals on the planet. The largest squid who is ever found measured 59 feet (18 meters) in length and weighed nearly a ton (900 kilograms)
  • The giant squid is as long as a whale
  • As gigantic as they are, they are really hard to find because they live in the deep and dark part of the ocean.


We showed the kids some amazing videos about the giant squids. They were really excited about this wonderful animal. It was a interesting class and the kids have learned a lot about the mermaids and the giant squids.

Are you fascinated about the beautiful life underwater? Do you want to know more about the marine life and the ocean? Come and join the class on Saturday at Rich Coast Diving from 9.00 a.m. till 11.00 a.m.


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