Teacher for one day

Teacher for one day, a lot of kids dream about it. This dream becomes true for some of the kids in the Marine Science Class at the Green life Academy.  Next Friday they’ll teach the younger kids at the school about the fascinating life underwater

Last Friday we assigned teams of 2 or 3 students to create a presentation about an interesting topic in the ocean. In the next class they will experience the role of a teacher for one day. They will be presenting their information to the lower class levels of the academy.  this way the younger kids will receive some marine education as well.

kids marine science

Isabella and Fatima decided to do the presentation on sharks. They picked five really interesting sharks. Some examples: the tiger shark, why do they have stripes on their body? Or where does the grey shark live? Who is the enemy of the lemon shark?Isabella and Fatima searched during the last class session  answers on those kind of questions. They got really interesting facts and Fatima drew some amazing sharks



Hellen, Enrique and Felipe will teach the kids about sea turtle conservation and shark conservation. marine researchThey will also bring forward some facts about Tortuguero, located in the northeast of Costa Rica.  This is where they hosts a large green turtle conservation for almost 40 years. It is really important that we support those kind of organisations otherwise sharks and turtles don’t have a future anymore. What can we do to help? Why is it necessary? The three kids will tell the younger kids everything about this important subject.


It was my first time doing the Kids Marine Science. It was a lot of fun to see those excited kids and I was surprised about how much they already know  about the sea life. We’re very excited to see the results next week!


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