Divemaster training: getting credit for guiding certified divers

Becoming a divemaster is a dream for many divers.  The step towards PADI PRO is hard work.  You need to have 60 dives ( fun fun fun) and you need to be Rescue certified.  

Once you make the decision to take the step and start your divemaster make sure you are prepared.  After the knowledge reviews you will get to the real work.  Assisting in PADI courses, logistics, stamina skills, diving and don’t forget the social aspect of communicating to divers and making sure everyone leaves the dive shop happy 🙂

padi divemaster

Over time I have noticed that the biggest worry by our trainees is the guiding part.  They load the boat, do the boat briefing followed by a dive briefing and then for the first time they are in CHARGE!  Of course the instructor is always in close proximity, but hey, the ball is yours now.  Of course we all aim to bring the customers back to the line of the point of entrance, but eh, do you think that is the most important part of the dive?

What to include:  Make sure you keep an eye on your divers, their air and their buoyancy ( you really do not want to lose a diver right?)  Don’t over do it, asking air every 5 minutes can be really annoying to some divers.  Now how do you think you will get those divers back to the boat with a big smile?  Right…Make sure you point out AWESOME marine life!  Be their guide, just like a guide in the forest would be.  divemaster internshipJust think, if these divers would go down without a guide, would they know where the sharks hide, or that little clown scrimp, would they even notice it, or swim right over it?  It is YOUR job to bring them to these points of interest, make sure they come back to the boat with a smile from ear to ear!

So tip number one:  Keep you eyes open, pay attention to their needs, keep them together and safe and show them how much you love your job!



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