Social Media internship

Social media internship

Rich Coast Diving is seeking an intern to support the organizations’ social media operations. Interning in social media can offer you incredible valuable experience in the world of work, where social media experience is becoming ever-more important. As a student studying marketing, public relations, communication, commercial management, business or similar field, interning in social media is the most effective way to learn how to leverage the power of social media.

 Rich Coast Diving

Rich Coast Diving is the only PADI 5* Career Development Center in Costa Rica. Rich Coast Diving offers instruction from Discover Scuba Diving through Instructor and TEC diving.  Since 2005, Rich Coast Diving is owned by Martin and Brenda van Gestel both PADI Course Directors. Rich Coast Diving holds the Green Star Award and we are big supporters of project Aware. We have a special Kids Marine Science program to educate the local kids about the marine life in Costa Rica. Our internship programs are a popular program by many different students from all over the world.  Besides Social Media, we offer Marine Science, Divemaster, and PRO internships. Our company is located in Playa del Coco in Guanacaste. Playa del Coco is a small cosy beach town with several bars, restaurants and shops.

Job functions:

  • Design images in Photoshop for posting on various social media platforms
  • Write blogs on WordPress
  • Design advertisements
  • Develop and maintain The Kids marine Science Program
  • All round employee in the shop e.g. sales activities
  • Update social media channels including 5 different Facebook pages
  • Engage with users across social channels, answering questions, responding to questions and other customer service issues.

Necessary Skills:

  • knowledge of Photoshop and WordPress
  • knowledge of social media platforms and how they operate
  • good communication skills
  • solid writing skills
  • experience or interest in marketing, especially social media as a marketing tool
  • Ability to work independently

Job details

  • Six days a week
  • Work hours: 7.30 till 3.00 p.m.
    When you are diving in the morning you have to stay till 6.00 p.m.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to dive and to do dive courses for free
  • At least 3 months

Interested or would you like to have more information about the internship? Please feel free to send an e-mail to our current Social Media intern:



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