looking for an internship by Aurelie

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Aurelie Pinede, born in France, but an 18 year old Dutch girl who loves adventure and traveling! I just finished high school but I still don’t know what I want to do for a study. What I do know is if I graduate, I want to see something of the world.
Yes, I did it! I got my high school diploma, I am so happy! Time to search for a destination! Where to go? How long to stay? What to do? I still have no idea!Dutch
A lot of people told me to do volunteer work, so my long search started with that. I discovered volunteer work in a foreign country cost a lot of money,so unfortunately that didn’t work out. I searched for ‘gap year’ countries and found out Australia is a perfect country to backpack when you’re taking a gap year. A lot of students who are taking a gap year go there to backpack , work and travel through Australia. You see a lot of blogs and well… it was nice but I didn’t like the idea that there are so many foreign students there.
When i was searching for a destination I was visiting my uncle and aunt in Huntsville, Alabama. Because it was my 18th birthday they wanted to give me a present. That present was a carnival cruise! We went to 3 destinations, Roatan island Honduras, Cozumel Mexico and Belize city. Needless to say, I was able to plan activities on those destinations. One activity sounded awesome; the dolphin dive.
I’m an advanced open water diver, but unfortunately I dived at only one beautiful location, and that was Cozumel Mexico in 2012. In the Netherlands are no warm blue oceans and seas, the water is cold, and it’s so dark that we always need a flashlight to see something. My first blue sea experience in Cozumel Mexico was amazing, I had tears in my eyes when I made my first dive! I felt like I was in the zoo and standing for the huge aquarium they have there, but this was real, I was swimming between the sharks and fishes! With that experience in my mind I decided to do the dolphin dive in Honduras. This dive was not surprisingly awesome, and immediately after that dive I knew what I wanted to do when I’m going to travel, something in the dive world!diver
I googled dive work , and there were a lot of sites from dive schools around the World. I saw that there where internships, and because I don’t have a lot of money to spend that’s a great opportunity for me to do something in a foreign country! The first dive schools I searched for were in Cozumel Mexico. They all had no places for me so yeah… my search continued. After I knew Cozumel wouldn’t work I didn’t care which place I was going to work, I hoped somewhere in central America, but if it was in Thailand, it was not a problem. I mailed tens of dive schools around the world and they all told me the same, I could do an expensive internship, I needed my own stuff but they were still not sure if it was possible for me to come. Because I don’t have a lot of time I didn’t want to wait for them to tell me I could come, I also have to buy a ticket and I don’t want to buy that 2 weeks before I leave because then It will be extra expensive!
Then Rich coast diving sent me an email back, they told me I could do the dive internship that I saw on the internet, or that I could do the social media internship. The dive internship was really nice but I preferred the social media internship. A lot of dive schools emailed back but that all didn’t work out, so I already had given up hope. I mailed them that I would like to do the social media internship, but I would like to know some extra information about the costs and stuff. They immediately emailed back with all the information I asked for..Brenda was really helpful, and it all sounded great! I was so happy! Now Ireen is doing the social media internship, she’s also from Holland and is leaving Costa Rica in January, so they need someone to update their social media! I hope my plans to go to Costa Rica in February will work out, and that in February, I will leave the cold Netherlands for beautiful Costa Rica!


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