IDC: Training aids and the iPad, PADI Technology moving forward

The last IDC of 2014 is here and it is always fun to see what students come up with for training aids during their teaching presentations.  I am always amazed how some people have no imagination at all while others built the nicest power point presentations to get our attention to focus on their topic.

The best way of their enthusiasm and dedication is displayed in their training aids.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we have a display full of aids they can use and the most popular is definitely Mr. Shark.  This toy shark has been on some adventures together with Goofy ( who unfortunately crashed his car during one of the earthquakes)GoPro

The shark can be used for topics, like streamline, buoyancy, stress, ect  Another popular one is the empty bottle; squeeze, pressure and gas exchange.  This IDC it was used for a mask squeeze, which was a great display.


Now lets talk about Technology.   PADI has started to make their programs digital!  What a great way to use during the IDC.  A great example used here is the Open Water touch.  One of our candidates used a clip form the touch and with the IPAD, used “air play” and displayed it on the screen.  No more difficult handling with our computer, no more virus hazards from their usb stick, and no more long preparations.    We all watched the short video related to the topic.  Of course this is making every ones life a bit easier.  Just think for how many Objectives you can use these digital programs.
Did you know that PADI also launched the Equipment specialist digital?  Great tool to use during the assignment ” equipment related problems” or use it for con ed if you are trying to sell a regulator.

PADI iPad touch

Receiving credit?  The touch can be a dive training aid, but also using PADI materials 🙂

Of course Technology is great, but please do not forget Mr. Shark or any other fun training aid to keep the presentations interested!

Need help on finding a training aid for your presentation? send us a message on our facebook page





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