Jenna, Guest Blogger: My first dive

The ocean is an endless aquarium. The current is capricious and the strength is unforgiving. Everything sporadically appears before your eyes from nothing. There is no telling what animals may approach you, or what creatures you may approach. The depth and size of the ocean is so enormous, so vast and it continues for miles. You are only exposed to the first few feet once eyes open and adjust to a murky turquoise drift. The moment first breath is taken 40 ft deep, the moment you reach the bottom while grasping the mooring line for the first time, letting go you are a weightless entity. Buoyancy is a skill that I lacked at first, slowly bumping into rocks and the floor of the sea kicking up silt. I felt like I was learning how to walk again. It is a simple yet accomplished feeling when buoyancy is maintained.

For me a wave of warm and comfortable took over. I felt at peace. Small fish squirming fought against the current to forage plankton and shrimp beneath small pebbles, unfazed by my presence . I was surrounded completely, feeling protected in a cloud of color and life. A constant, breathing world where animal culture and energy circulates.

 Slight movement from a distance revealed a flickering light of barber fish in massive schools. Silvery cornet fish, curious and illusive swam observing the scene.

For some, it is overwhelming to feel pressure, depth, and know there are so many things that could go wrong. The nature of diving brings courage and trust to physical form. Breathing is everything; what was once an action that occurred without thought is now the most important idea beneath the surface. It is after you begin to believe and trust in yourself that you allow the water to take you deeper into its mystery.



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