Bucket list item; the night dive!

Not only had I just experienced one of the most amazing dives of my time here in Coco, but I also crossed off another bucket list item: the night dive! The whole day I was a little nervous for the night dive. How would it be? Could I see something underwater with a small light? What if I got lost in the ocean? I was doubting for hours what to do… but I had to do it! I did not want to leave Coco without doing the night dive. I have only one month left in Coco so this was my chance. I had to face my fears, and I did it!

When the sun inched closer to the horizon it was time for us to get on the boat. The colorful sunset over Coco was stunning! We went to Tortuga, one of my favorite dive sites.  Our instructor gave us a short briefing on what would happen next. There are some specific rules for the night dive. Diving at night teaches you to focus on what you can see in your light’s beam, on controlling your buoyancy by feel, staying with your buddy and paying attention to details you may overlook during the day.


As I saw the other divers begin their descents, my excitement grew. I wasn’t afraid at all! I just wanted to descend into the darkness and explore the ocean by night. I dove with our instructor and my dive buddy a.k.a. my favorite roommate Jenna from the States. Jenna is another intern who is doing the zero to hero internship. Our descent went flawless and it was time to enjoy the marine life that is not visible during the day. Within 20 minutes we had already seen so many marine life such as puffer fish, clown fish, spotted eagle rays, moral eels, stingrays and a seahorse. It was really exciting to find so many types of fish with only our flash lights. I loved when we turned off our torches, and moved our hands quickly to stimulate the sparkling light reaction of the plankton. We were just enjoying ourselves when suddenly we saw the most incredible creature of the night; the guitarfish! This amazing fish looks like a combination of a ray and a shark. We got really close to this amazing sea animal with only a distance of 1 meter / 3 feet away. After a while we ran low on air and we had to say goodbye to the guitarfish.

download (2)

The underwater world is a beautiful sight during the day, but takes on a completely different appearance at night. It is definitely worth it to do a nightdive!

images (1)


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