Being prepared for your Internship

Taking a step up the ladder towards becoming a PADI pro is a big step.  Of course there is a big portion of fun included; I mean who would not love to dive, hang out with other divers of all nationalities in a sunny country?  But don’t be fooled…………..BE PREPARED!

On a daily base we receive emails about our internships and we try to explain everything in the best possible way, but of course things always seem different than you imagined, much better or maybe even much less to your liking.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we train many dive professionals either up to Divemaster, instructor or even MSDT.

Divemaster training:  3 months of learning and working.  Don’t worry your days do not exist of merely tank logging.  Of course you have to help load the car in the morning, set up gear on the boat and unload the boat.  You even have some days where you have to fill tanks.  You will assist in all types of courses, starting with a PADI DSD to rescue training.  
You will go diving for your mapping project, your deep specialty, search and recovery or Shark specialty, more diving is done while backing up a guide or being a buddy for another diver.  You will also be a snorkel guide or  have shop duties.  The course is intense, fun, and with loads of variety. We can proudly say once you finish the course you are an all round SCUBA PRO and can work as a divemaster anywhere in the world.diving

Now you are already a divemaster?  What we expect from you is the following:

  • Know how to help our divers, by setting up their gear, helping them when needed, logging and explaining about the fish they saw.
  • Know your courses, make sure you can help students in advising them what is best for them. (ie. know your knots)
  • Know your equipment, make sure you can do basic fixes, like mouth piece changes and recognizing where the problem might be, or when a diver asks for a DIN tank you are not surprised and blown away because you have no clue what they are talking about.
  • Make sure you are fit.
  • Know your dive theory.
  • Know how to handle logistics and be a proper guide, be alert when first aid or Oxygen is needed.  Know how to administer O2.

    Getting your divemaster certification is not a present,
    it is something you must earn by hard work and positive attitude!


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