Rich Coast Diving is 100% AWARE

Did you know that less than 1% of our ocean is protected? While the ocean covers more than 70 percent of the planet’s surface?  Unsustainable fishing, shipping, oil and gas, pollution plus climate change are the biggest threats of the ocean. It is necessary that we are aware of the fact that we’re killing the ocean if we don’t change those big problems.

Rich Coast Diving is the only 100% AWARE, Green star Award dive center in Costa Rica. This means Rich Coast Diving support a clean and healthy ocean.  Furthermore, Rich Coast Diving donates 10 dollar of every course fee paid to project AWARE. We would ask you to match, or offer your own donation. We dive as a guest of the ocean, not as a consumer.

Project 100% AWARE is a voluntary program that encourages divers around the world to dive 100 % AWARE. The first step is the awareness and knowledge of the divers. It is necessary that divers know how to dive without damaging the ocean. An example to dive environment-friendly is diving with perfect buoyancy control. Without  good buoyancy you will get the risk of touching the surroundings and damaging coral, plants, fish or an animal. Always be aware of your body and dive gear to avoid contact with the environment.


Project AWARE is focusing on 2 major ocean issues: sharks and trash in the ocean. There are regular dives where divers collect the trash from the ocean to make it a safer and enjoyable experience for the divers as well as for the aquatic life.

Here at Rich Coast Diving, we have regular beach clean up with the kids of the Kids Marine Science. We feel it is really important that the kids are aware of the threats of the ocean. Our kids are the future, so it is really important to get the kids involved in this project.

Sharks are endangered; their primary threat is the human being. Sharks are beautiful animals in the ocean. They’re not the blood thirsty man-eaters that we all have seen in the bloody shark movies. It is essential that we protect the sharks. Sharks help remove unhealthy marine animals and provide balance to the ecosystem. One of the key focus of Project AWARE is shark conservation.

Some of the Sharks that live in the Coco area are   the bull shark, nurse shark and the white tip reef sharks. It would be a shame if Coco will loose those beautiful animals in the ocean. Santa Rosa National Park  across the bay ( home of the bull sharks) protects the local sharks. This ensures that shark finning is prohibited and that bull shark population remains protected.

When you are diving with a 100% AWARE dive center, you know for sure that you will dive with an environment-friendly company. Anyone who has any interest in the aquatic world can take the 100% AWARE course. There are no prerequisites, age restrictions or water sessions required for this non-diving specialty.  Furthermore, as a tourist you can make 100 % AWARE decisions. For example: make responsible and sustainable seafood choices, be an eco-tourist and don’t leave your trash behind.


100% AWARE relies on financial support, so what are you waiting for?  Dive with an 100% AWARE dive center or donate to help the ocean. Further, you can join a cleanup project or set up your own project.

Your support is one of the most important investments you can make for the future of the ocean.


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