Me and my dream

Manta-rays, sharks, turtles? What fish am I going to see? Will my dream come true? My dream of diving with manta-rays? How will the visibility be? When would I make my first dive in Costa Rica? These are just some of the many questions running through my head before I got here. I’m doing a social media internship at a dive shop in Costa Rica and the actual experience of diving might be very helpful if you’re supposed to write a blog about diving and the pacific ocean. My first time in the water won’t be for scuba diving, no , I’m going to snorkel! I’m so excited, this will be my first time on the boat!

The day started early, like all the other days. We start at 7:15 AM. At home, in the Netherlands I would be working like a zombie and feel really tired. Here I wake up at 6, and feel really good. I think it’s because of the climate. We put the equipment and other necessities on the pickup and drive to the beach to load the “Panga” This is the little boat which will bring us to the bigger one, The Tahonga this time.

When we’re on the boat, we have to get everything ready for the dive. I’m an advanced open water diver so I was happy I could help. While we are taking care of the equipment, the “Panga” picks up the divers from the beach, and brings them to The Tahonga; Now we are ready to start the engine and go to one of our local dive sites called Argentina. puffer

Unfortunately the client who wanted to snorkel was sick, so it was a great opportunity to help and learn how everything works on the boat. When all the divers were diving I snorkeled for a little while on my own. I didn’t know how the currents are here, so I tried to stay away from the rocks, because it could be dangerous if you get too close. I snorkeled in the deeper parts of the ocean and I didn’t encounter too much Marine life, but just the feeling of swimming in the sea was great. After half an hour I swam back to the boat and waited for the rest of the group.

After the first dive we serve something to drink, together with cookies and fruits. While our guests are resting the staff prepares the equipment for the next dive. Pana, one of the instructors came to me, and said I was lucky. The spare bag was still unused after the first dive, so that meant I could come dive with them! I prepared my own gear as fast as I could, I was so excited! We went to a different site called “Corridas”, got ready, and jumped into the water.


I dived with 3 other divers, together with the instructor we began to descend using a line. I didn’t know where to look, there were fish everywhere. The visibility was not perfect, not like it is in the Caribbean, but there was a lot of sea life! Everywhere I looked were fish especially a lot of puffer fish, so cute!   All of a sudden Pana pointed towards something, so I looked, and wow, there was a huge ray. I’ve never seen a ray this big, and it wasn’t even a manta ray! Later that dive we saw another one and I felt like I’m smiling in circles. After about an hour we slowly got back to the surface.

After hearing all the stories I was happy I could give my own opinion about this dive site. The visibility is not perfect compared to for example the Caribbean. The water is not clear blue, but the marine life in this part of the pacific ocean is perfect! I only saw 2 rays, but when I’m at the shop I always ask the divers what they had seen, and they tell me they saw manta rays, whale sharks, and other awesome sea creatures.Manta

While I am typing this blog, someone calls the shop and shouts mantas! It was someone from the boat who wanted to tell us they saw manta rays. They were everywhere! Maybe I’m lucky, and will my dream come true while my stay here…fingers crossed!






Me and my dream


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