Oceans: 5 KINGS

What do divers actually know about the ocean they dive in? We can find many bodies of waters to dive in; oceans, lakes, quarries, etc  Here we listed the 5 major oceans, the ones that control the world . enjoy!Antarctic Ocean: size 21,960,000 km2
The most tormented Ocean: The Antarctic Ocean is famous for the most violent winds on the planet with wind speeds up to 300 km\h. East of Wilkesland meteorologists registered 340 days of strong winds per year.
The strongest Ocean: Constant winds from the west feed the biggest of all marine currents, “the Antarctic circumpolar current”. It spins around the continent in west/east direction, turning off northern currents and penetrates 3 big oceans.


The Arctic Ocean: size 15,558,000 km2

The coldest ocean: The arctic is covered in ice floe the whole year round. Depending on the seasons the size of the ice cap varies between 2 and 3 million km2, but its average extension is decreasing for decades due to the effects of global warming.
The most threatened ocean: It’s estimated that the Arctic Ocean will remain without ice during summer time from around 2040 on. Polar bears, seals and many other animals are suffering from the consequences of depopulation already because they are losing hunting territories and their icy habitats.

Indian Ocean: size 70,560,000 km2
The most dangerous ocean: The Indian Ocean and its adjacent countries are threatened by a series of catastrophes, amongst others the consequences of global warming: mayor floods because of the rising sea level, stronger hurricanes because of the rising water temperature on the surface, bleaching/whitening of the corals, tsunamis and saltness of the overflow zones in the river deltas.
The most populated ocean: on top of everything, in countries with a high density in population like India and Bangladesh a very high quantity of people are living directly on the coasts where a rising sea level is converting millions of people into climate refugees.

images-2Pacific Ocean: size 168,723,000 km2
The biggest ocean: The Pacific is that giant that all continents and islands on the planet would fit into it without any problem. It covers about one-third of the planet’s landmass and holds more than half of the planet’s liquid water.
The deepest ocean: 2,000 km east of the Philippines in the Marianne ditch the deepest spot on earth can be found (almost 12,000 meters). Even on average, no other ocean is as deep as the Pacific: 4,188 meters, not counting the peripheral seas.


Atlantic Ocean: size 85,133,000 km2
The richest in fish: Especially the North Atlantic has an abundant amount of fish banks which have huge quantities of plankton and other nutrition in spots like the great Newfoundland bank. They are upwelling from the deep to the surface because the warm Golf stream is colliding with the cold currents from Labrador.
The most over fished: For decades the fish population of the Atlantic is suffering from over fishing.
Even many groups of the Atlantic cod, formerly the incarnation of the apparently infinite abundance of the oceans, are now considered over exploited.

Source: GEO No 331, 2014


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