You live in the USA, Europe, Canada or any country with colder winters,  you had a great dive vacation last summer and wake up one day and it is cold………. You think: “I need sun, I need a break, I need to get  out of here” What is a perfect choice to for you to get in a better mood, relax get a tan and learn something at the same time? Continue your dive education! If you have the luxury of taking a few weeks or maybe even a few months off, start to look for a dive internship.  Internships give you more experience in becoming a Pro and reach  the dive level you desire.  You make new friends, experience various cultures and might even learn a foreign language.  How cool does this sound?sharks specialty

Here at Rich Coast Diving we offer various internships, not a diver yet, but are looking for a new challenge? no problem. take the zero to hero package.  Besides coming to Costa Rica you can choose anywhere in the world of course,  So before taking the step do some research, there are some questions you might ask your self first:

  • what  am I looking for?
  • do I want a small or big shop?
  • do I want to experience a total new culture?
  • do I like to learn a new language?
  • do I like nature?
  • do I need an active social life?
  • what kind of food does the country offer?
  • how long do I want to be away?
  • how do I travel there?
  • what is the cost of living?
  • Do I like a blue ocean or prefer the big Pacific pelagic?
  • how many interns will be in the program, are they my age?

The list can go on and on………… Once you have some points clear in your mind, pick the country. Search the web, see if they offer internships, compare, check out their Facebook or trip advisor, and then start sending the emails.

divingOne of the most common questions I get in the emails are about duties that have to be performed, to be more specific: What does the average day look like?

Our days start at 7.30 and end at 6pm.  Everyone works 6 days a week. Interns start at 7.30 and stay till 3 pm except when they get assigned closing shift to stay till 6pm. (of course there is a lunch break)

After loading the boats morning shores can include:

  • pool / classroom either for your own course or assisting in other courses
  • Diving as a back up guide
  • Diving for your skills
  • Diving for your mapping project
  • shop duty (cleaning, inventory, compressor duty, signing up divers, accounting, equipment maintenance  or social media)
  • on the boat as marinero
  • Boat cleaning

Boats come back between 12 and 1 pm so we unload, rinse and sort equipment, sign divers logbooks, be social with your divers and get everything ready for the next day.DMT

Our interns come from all over the world, ranging from 18 to 35 years old.  At this moment we have interns from England, Holland, Australia, Venezuela, Spain and Canada.  This changes every time but as you can see it is a big variety and they all leave here as friends.  So when you wake up this morning and it is cold send us an email and broaden your horizons and make new friends.

fact: Did you know that divers have more Facebook friends than non divers? Great to collect Free stays when you are traveling 🙂


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