5 reasons why I like to Scuba dive

Scuba diving, some people say it’s like yoga, and I share that feeling. After a dive I feel less stressful and happy. I think diving could be sort of therapy for some people, escaping from all the drama in the world, and making some bubbles. That’s one of the things I like about scuba diving, here are some more reasons.


1.Feeling weightless..

The equipment for diving can be really heavy because of the tank and the weights. If I dive in hot weather, I’m most of the time sweaty and hot. When I’m wearing the BCD and tank I would love to jump in the water to cool down. Once I got all my equipment on I jump in the water and all the heavy weight of the tanks and weights just disappear, and that feeling is great. We descend; and the moment  you have  neutral buoyancy, you just feel like your weightless. There’s one thing I love the most about feeling weightless, and that is the feeling when you have currents on the dive site, and you relax all the muscles in your body and just be taken by the currents.

2. Every dive is a different dive.

Even if you’re diving twice at the same place, it will never be exactly the same. I dived 5 times at the same place , and you know the place then, but what you’ll see will never be the same as the dive before. And even if you see things that look the same, most of the time they aren’t.

3. Diving is a good way to meet new people and make friends.

I have just been certified for two years, but every time I go on holiday I try to make a dive. Nobody in my family dives so I do the trips on my own, but I never feel alone. Once I’m on the boat people will start talking with me. And we always have a subject to talk about: diving!  Divers in general are pretty social and there is always somebody interested in an after dive drink or meal.

4. The silence’s perfect

We all know, the world can sometimes be like a real life soap, and that’s terrible. Drama’s going on all around the world. When you jump in the water, sign to your buddy that your going to descend, and start descending, it just feels like you’re escaping from the world. Underwater you’ll hear nothing, just your regulator blowing out bubbles. Sometimes I close my eyes, and just listen to my breathing, and the silence around it. All problems seem to de gone for the next 60 minutes…..

5. There are so many specialties.

When you tired of diving the ‘normal way’ , you can try so many different things. Look at all the specialties you can do when you are an open water diver or higher, like deep diving, shark specialties, tec divers, whatever! There’s always more to learn in the world of scuba diving, so it will never become boring!  Expand your horizons and take a challenge to keep life interesting!

These are some of the reasons I love scuba diving, ofcourse there are a lot of more reasons! Why do you love scuba diving?


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