Coco Dive, or Rescue Shore?

in one of my previous blogs I mentioned something about the TV series ” Miami Ink” (it has been a while back)  I was then mentioning that so much “soap news” was happening at a dive center that we could set up a Coco Dive.  I did keep track for a week on a dive shop diary, but I think we are more advanced and in need of a gossip column! 🙂Talking to some of my staff  they all agreed we can make a series like Miami Ink, of course we will not broadcast on the tv channels but we are going to keep you updated with the dive professionals in Coco via this blog.  One big question remains; Coco Dive or Rescue Shore?

Here in Costa Rica we receive many interns from all over the world, which creates loads of fdive weddingunny situations, good times, romantic times and trouble.  This week I will catch you up on the biggest news since we opened 10 years ago.  We had 2 interns actually getting married!  Rich Coast Romance!  she is a Canadian who was doing her DM internship and he is from Venezuela doing his IDC internship.  We kinda figured there was a spark in the air, but non of us expected this!  One morning they came to talk to me asking if they could use my house to host their wedding.  I was too surprised!  We had a nice day, with the funny part that both of them forgot about the rings!  No worries there is  a solution for everything so we handed them rings to borrow.

Now we are a month later. There is a baby coming!  Phoenix is back in Canada and Pana is still here waiting for a visa to go and be in time for the delivery in the cold Canadian winter.  (don’t worry moms, this was a very unique situation, so not all daughters come back home with a bun in the oven!)

Pana has booked his ticket for April 16th to go back to Venezuela as he needs to get a new passport from there he will see if his Canadian visa came through, if not we might see him back again!  We will keep you posted!

scuba divers getting Married wedding time


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