How to start your new Dive live?

Your first open water dive… The best experience ever! My first dive experience was a few weeks ago. I did a DSD with my instructor Barbara .The first time underwater, it make you speechless. I was a little nervous in the beginning because I didn’t know what to expect but after a few minutes underwater I forgot all my fears and just loved it. I discovered a whole new world: the many schools of colorful fish above you, the super elegant eagle ray swimming beside you and in the end we saw a real shark! It was a lifetime experience! I’ll never forget my first breaths underwater.

DSD means Discover Scuba Diving. It is just a one-day dive experience and it is a good option if you want to discover the ocean but you aren’t sure if you want to do a real course. (but I know for sure after a DSD you really want to become a diver!) You learn a little of the basic things of Scuba Diving. You’ll start you dive experience with reading a small booklet about diving, the ocean and the skills. After the knowledge review you’ll go to the pool and learn some basic skills. After the pool session you are ready for the big ocean! Your instructor will help you with everything so don’t worry and just enjoy your first dive experience.


After the DSD I knew it for sure: I want to be a diver! It starts with the PADI Open Water Course. The first step is the knowledge development. You can’t start diving without the necessary knowledge. In the knowledge part you will learn everything from what gear you will need, to how diving will affect your body, how to clear your ears and more skills you will need to use in the water. You’ll finish the knowledge part with an exam. The diving starts when you  move on to part 2: the pool sessions.IDC Instructor Examination

The second part involves Confined Water Dives. Here you will put your knowledge into practice. You’ll practice all the necessary skills in the swimming pool such as clearing your mask, having  good buoyancy  control and how to use your snorkel and regulator. Your instructor will give a demonstration and he’ll help you to learn all the skills. It is time for the next step once you are comfortable with all the skills.

The last and most excited part: The Open Water Dives! It is finally time for the big ocean. With an instructor there, you will learn to gain confidence and dive with ease. In the first two dives you’ll go to a depth of twelve meters.  You’ll demonstrate the skills that you’ve learned in the pool. You’ll swim with you instructor to practice your buoyancy.

It’s not only practice but also a lot of fun! On my first open water dive I saw so many cool marine life. We saw eagle rays, snake eels, moray eels and a lot of schools of beautiful colorful fish. It was so impressing to see!Best Costa Rica Dive Sites near Playas del Coco Moray Eel

In the third and fourth dives you’ll go to a depth of eighteen meters. This is the maximum depth for an Open Water Diver. In the first dive you’ll descend with a reference line. After you will learn to do a free descend with a reference line but without touching it and even a descend without a reference line.  You will have to do some surface skills such as what to do when your buddy has cramp. The final dive is more a fun dive and you can just enjoy your dive. You and your instructor will simulate like it is a real dive and YOU plan the dive and all of a sudden your instructor will be your dive buddy!

I finished my fourth dive this week so I’m official a diver now!! It feels so good to finish my Open Water. Up to the next step: Advanced Open Water Course!


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