PADI DEEP Specialty

Using our depth finder we are searching for a spot where its 40 meters deep, I’m really excited, I can’t wait to jump in the water and start to descend. My deepest dive was around 27 meters, and now we are going to touch the 40 meters! We finally found a spot where its 40 meters, so we throw out the anchor line. I’m starting to get nervous, thinking about the narcosis, visibility, different marine life and temperature. As soon as I can, I get in my equipment and jump in the water. Let’s do this! We start descending from the anchor line. I can’t get my ears cleared easily so I start to slow down a little bit. I look on my computer and we are already 27 meters deep. The visibility is still good, not really different from other dives. We keep descending and when I see the anchor, I know we are approximately at 34 meters.   deep specThe visibility is getting less now, like 5 meters. It’s getting dark too, so we need to stay close together. Finally, we reach the 40 mtr mark. When you dive deeper than 30 meters, there is a chance that you get nitrogen narcosis, I have never felt it, but I wanted to know what would happen, so I looked for it on the internet. When people are feeling nitrogen narcosis they feel a little bit drunk. Sometimes they take of their mask, or take out their regulator.. People can do weird stuff when narked. I am in training for dive master, and in my opinion it’s good to feel the narcosis once while you are a student, just so you are familiar with the feeling and know what to expect once you are guiding a group as a dive master. PADI deepWhen we were on 40 meters I did feel a little bit dizzy, but I don’t know if it was because of all the adrenaline or nitrogen narcosis, I looked through the glass of my mask, and it looked like it was a little bit foggy. Not so foggy that you can’t see anything, it just looked like I couldn’t focus. During a deep dive, you always have to keep an eye on your computer. Make sure you do not go into a deco dive and watch your no stop limits closely Once our no stop limit time was 2 minutes, we had ascend a little bit until it became 5 minutes. Because of this our dive profile looked like a stairs. Our total bottom time was about 50 minutes. The biggest differences between deep diving and shallow diving is the preparation, the time and of course the depth. When we were on 40 meters, my no stop time was around 4 minutes; this shows how short a dive can be. The preparation for a deep dive is a little bit more complicated; you really want to make sure you and your buddy dive the same profile, don’t lose each other and check each others state of mind. Calculate your dive time, make sure there is a tank on the line for emergencies and monitor your air closely. It was darker than my previous dives, but nodeep specialtything else was really different from other dives, maybe I was a bit anxious because it was my first time into the depths of the ocean, but now I feel really comfortable after finishing my 4 deep dives. Want to find out if you are susceptible to narcosis? Think the ocean is different at depth? Want to know about the mystery of deep diving? There is just one way to get to know that, do your deep Specialty! Of course after this experience you can go even deeper ( cant wait to start)


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