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For those of you following our Dive Gossip column I have to say it has been quiet on this side of the world.  Our intern consistency has changed form a group of 100% male to 100% female!  Expected was more drama but it seems to be less. ( Great going girls!)  We started slow, still 3 male dmt’s on their last few weeks to finishing when the first girl arrived.

There was a slow start and un noticeable  relationship grew between our Swedish and British nation.  It seemed to be more for fun because there were no tears once the British nation crossed the ocean to be back in England.  Rich Coast life continues….

We have girls now from Sweden, Holland, USA and Spain, they all seem to get along great and if you have a look at their Facebook pages they cook, party and dive together!  The internship here at Rich Coast Diving takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months depending which direction you are heading; zero to hero package, divemaster or even higher to instructor, MSDT or Staff instructor.divemaster

We help find housing options and offer apartments for single, double or triple occupancy.  April had the most changes ever!  With the boys moving out, the girls had some adventure in room swaps.  After the German left, the Spanish wanted to move in with the other Spanish but then the Dutch had to move to the Swedish. As Sergio moved out because he found his own place, there would be another bed available .  So the 3 bedroom had an open bed now assigned to a Dutchy, but oops where would Miss America go?  Problems solve itself as the third bed opened up cuz one of the girls had to go back home to solve some family issues. Oh and then we are not done yet……friends came to visit, aren’t we glad all condos have a couch? 🙂 Glad they all solved their housing situation without any problems. divers

Playas del Coco is a small town with restaurants and bars and of course the interns have a favorite hang out place, but they also have bomb fires on the beach and hang out with the hard-core Rich Coast Instructors.  Soon we will have the Hard Rock Cafe opening as well, so one more outing for all to enjoy.

Of course there is a time to play and a time to work.  the girl are now off to Bat islands to encounter the bull sharks and tomorrow it is back to business: finishing up the Deep and Search & Recovery internship

Want to Go Pro and join us for an internship? email your wishes to:


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