IDC news: Reasons to go PRO

You are doing your divemaster and love the ocean and think this is life, now your instructor kinda blows your bubble, he tells you to go one step higher!  Really you just invested time and money into being a PADI Pro and you wanted to safe that extra cash to travel the world and now there is this “dive Guru” telling you that this is not IT!

Of course you are on your way but why should you take the next step?  You can travel the world as a divemaster, get paid for guiding some divers around the oceans of the world, hang out on the beach and enjoy the sun rays, what more do you want?Padi instructors

One tip: More and more dive shops prefer to hire instructors rather than divemasters, why you wonder? An instructor can guide as well PLUS he can teach.  The instructor can up sell a DSD to an open water diver, a new diver into an advanced and so on.DSD

You can teach diving full-time as a PADI Instructor. As a bonus, your credential will be among the most recognized in the dive world, which means you have a lot of beautiful work locations to choose from.

Once you connect with your shop, they can hook you up with their manufacturers whom usually provide incentives to dive centers to help outfit dive pros in the latest and greatest equipment. It’s in the best interest of the store and equipment manufacturers to have you, a great role model, looking sharp in the latest cool gear.

No traffic jams on your way to your office in the mornings, I mean would you not prefer a nice blue ocean over a dusty office in a building where you see the same people every morning? In your office  you receive people from all over the world and instead of boring meetings  you get to make them excited by showing them the rays, sharks or really tiny nudibranchs.macro

Remember Dolly Parton; working 9 to 5?  Really?  As a dive instructor you work hard in the early morning ( yes sometimes you need to put some effort in) Once you jump into the ocean and take your students along the reef and point out that awesome turtle, just think: I am actually getting paid for this!  Your day usually ends early and after work you hang out on a nice beach, enjoy the sunsets or socialize at “Happy Hour” and believe me, people will see you as their hero. Becoming a PADI Professional means, quite often, that you’re the most knowledgeable and experienced diver in the crowd. You have seen it all, you know the ocean, you had that shark encounter, you travelled the world, you just have the most interesting JOB of the whole table!sunset

I can go on and on with tips and reasons why to become an instructor but if you are a divemaster and ready for the next step, remember instructors get paid more, so more chance to travel.  Once you found a place to do your IDC you can usually help out and earn some money to start your first trip as a PADI Pro or you get FREE diving for the rest of your  stay there. See it like a free vacation!padi instructor

Our next IDC starts June 29th  check out our IDC page:


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