Freediving in Costa Rica

Across generations and experience levels, freedivers are commonly lost for words to recount the feeling of moving effortlessly underwater in one breath. One thing they all agree on is that freediving is addictive.
breath hold diveIt’s no surprise that freediving (apnea diving or breath-hold diving) has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world! Freediving allows divers to explore the beauty of the underwater world in one breath the way nature intended, without the encumbrance of or investment in expensive equipment. Freediving forces us to be present in the moment. When you slide underwater, your “land life” is put on hold, and the instant calming effect of a quiet mind becomes convincingly obvious. Not sure it’s for you? Almost anyone can learn to freedive!  This is some  information from the Freediving instructors international website. Why did I quote from this site?  Because the last 2 days we had the privilege of experiencing the thrill of freediving with an F.I.I instructor Bobby Kim.

6 candidates (not all scubadivers) came to Playas del Coco to enjoy and feel the excitement of freediving.

freedivingFreediving, free-diving, or free diving is a form of underwater diving that relies on divers’ ability to hold their breath until resurfacing rather than on the use of a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear.

The first day started in the classroom for theory and breathing techniques, I guess you can compare it to a Yoga class 🙂  A comment from Bobby that stuck with me was about his life-style.  As a free diver he started living more conscious about his choices, stopped smoking and followed a better diet.  Did you know that it is not wise to consume dairy products or caffeine before you plan to go free diving?    So when the day was over we went home and  there was no coffee after dinner and no yogurt for breakfast. 🙂F.I.I

Pool was the second part, here we started to put our new learned breathing techniques into practice ………we all moved our limits to 3 minutes ( course prerequisite).  There were some that started with 45 sec, so imagine how they felt that reaching 3 minutes was not that hard?

The last and final goal was the ocean, down we went to 20 meters!  It was a brand new experience especially for the scuba divers, and you know what?  it tastes like more…………….

apneaWant to give it a try?  Contact us for dates of the next course.


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