Vacationing with a non-diver.

Are you on a family holiday and you want to spend some time blowing bubbles? We can give you some advice about how to plan your family holiday and your next adventure.  Some families are made up of divers and non-divers and sometimes this causes some issues  for the people who have to wait longer than anticipated because a dive can last longer than expected.  Here are some tips to avoid holiday frustrations.

  1. costa ricaChoose a multiple choice destination

Imagine you are in the most incredible place to see sharks, but there`s nothing to do but dive, sounds like a divers dream has come true, unfortunately it could be terribly boring for non-divers.

So, the main point is to try to choose a destination where all the travelers could do what they like. For example, if someone loves to go shopping, a good idea could be to go to Grand Cayman; or if adventure is them choice, a mountainous island like Hawaii would be a great alternative, as well as Costa Rica with its multiple land based attractions and wonderful nature.

  1. Prepare a dive timetable

It may be difficult to get dives the times you want, so make yourself familiar with the dive center’s schedule so you know which dives fits you best. Some shops offer only morning dives others do morning as well as afternoon dives; Morning trips

Then line up your schedule with your family so you have plenty of time to be together.diver

  1. Book a multisport dive centers

There are places where dive centers give you a big range of different activities as snorkeling, sightseeing, water skiing,… This way you can spend the day on the boat with your family, while each of you is having fun!

  1. Rent your gear and make a beach dive

In case the place you are vacationing has good beach diving spots, try to rent some tanks and enjoy some shore diving. By this way you can get your family involved, setting the gear or just by snorkeling overhead or they might just enjoy the beach and only have to miss you for 45 – 60 minutes

family dive

5. Show them what scuba is!

If your travel colleagues seem interested in diving, `most dive centers offer the Discover diving program, that let you try in confined or a pool and after they can join you on one of your dives. Some dive centers even offer free try dives in a pool. Look for those places and don’t miss the opportunity to have new dive buddies.


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