Tips for Making a Good Dive Great

Have you ever had this feeling during a dive of something going really good and suddenly it took a turn for the worse? We all hope for that perfect dive when we hop in the water, but as most of us know, there is a wide array of problems that can arise during diving. These can range from a broken fin strap, to low visibility, or maybe ear problems. Knowing this, it is important to be equipped to handle these problems, so you can still have fun and most importantly be safe.


One of m11227900_531840150314849_1272214782242751733_nost common problems that can happen is something breaking or not working properly. It could be a torn mask strap, bad O ring, or ripped mouthpiece. Many dive operations carry extras of these items, but carrying your own kit of spare parts can really save the day. It would be awful to have to sit on the boat while everyone goes diving just because of a brokenmask strap!
Besides having the proper equipment, it’s equally important to make sure that You are prepared for the dive, physically and mentally. Get some good rest the night before, eat a good breakfast, keep in good shape and don’t dive if you’re sick. Equalization problems are much more likely to occur if you have a cold.

Something ese that can significantly add to your dive enjoyment is to improve your dive skills through continued education. If you are an Open Water diver, think about getting your advanced certification. Already Advanced? Check out a Rescue Diver course. Or perhaps you might be interested in one of many specialty courses available, such as Deep Specialty, Underwater Photography, or Search and Recovery Specialties. By stepping out of your comfort zone, and challenging yourself to learn something new, you will learn skills that can not only make your diving more fun but safe as well.


Also, remember to be happy and positive while diving! If you start your day with a positive frame of mind, this will help you to take any small problems that come along lightly, so you can solve them and continue to enjoy your day. Having a good sense of humor also helps… For example if you are not sure how to tell your buddy that his mask is full of snot, a good way could be complimenting him on his ability to catch jellyfish with his face. But mostly, nobody likes to dive with a grumpy diver, so be delighted to be where you are with the people amongst you doing something you love!

Last but not least, some studies have shown that experiences are more valuable when shared. On account of this, record your dives and share them on social media.  Remember divers have more friends online than the average person 🙂

Following this advice, you can make a good dive a GREAT dive, but this doesn’t mean that bad dives could not happen. 🙂

Do you have any other tips to make dive experiences better? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below!



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