An inside look at Coco

Playas-del-Coco-Guanacaste-Costa-RicaBefore I came to Coco I had no idea what I was expecting to find. I wanted to read some reviews before i came which weren’t the typical Trip advisor ones. This is why I decided to write this post, to give all of you an inside look at what Coco is like.

I arrived in Coco in September after almost two days of travelling The weather was beautiful. As usual, the sun was shining and the sky had this amazing clear blue. I can’t think of a better welcome, can you? I was driven to my apartment, a quiet two floor house a two minute walk to the beach and 5 minutes from downtown. A perfect location for my interests.

The first couple of days before I started working, I focused on exploring the town and its surroundings.

Coco is a small town with a big main street where most of the businesses are located, especially the tourist ones. As you walk the street from the beach, there’s a lot of bars and restaurants, both local and international. The local restaurants serve you a great variety of Casados (mix of rice, beans, meat and plantain) and Seafood, while the international ones offer a range from lebanese to american food. My lookoutpersonal favourites: the delicious burgers at Soda Oasis and the tasty shawarma at LeCoq.  Furthermore, If you want to have a lovely evening, one of the best places to go is The Lookout, a short taxi or a nice walk will take you there. Best to arrive for sunset as you get an amazing view over the whole of Coco. Make sure you try the tuna poke Nachos with one of their craft beers or tasty cocktails.

While the main street has all the touristic businesses, the bars along the beach are mostly local. All of them, with great views to Coco’s harbour. But, if (as I do) you love to eat good and abundant food for breakfast, your choice should be gallo pinto. (rice, beans, fried eggs and meat.) Just delicious! The surroundings of Coco are composed of different neighborhoods where all the locals live. It is safe to walk around in daylight, but once night hits stay with a buddy just as you would in any small street back home.

In case you rented an apartment, and you are looking to save money, there are some things you should understand. Costa Rica is not as cheap as people usually think.

Coco is part of a growing area of tourism, but still with the charm of a small fishing village. So if you want to cook your own food it is important to buy local brands and products. This will help you to save some money while vacationing here. There are 4 supermarkets in town and AutoMercado has anything you need.  They import from all over the world so if you are hooked on your Campbell Mushroom soup, Heinz BBQ sauce or anything else, you can find it here!

Asides from being a peaceful fishing town, Coco is also the perfect place to get your adrenaline fix. The tour shops around the main street offer a huge range of trekkings and adventure days. However, if your first love is diving, Coco is an ideal place to enjoy the underwater environment. Once at the dive sites Coco has to offer, divers can be lucky enough to encounter such incredible creatures as: manta rays, whales, green turtles, white tip reef sharks, dolphins and a wide range of micro life. If fun and professionalism is what you are looking for, Rich Coast Diving is placed in the main street. Easy to recognize thanks to the big bull shark hanging above the doors!

Follow Rich Coast Diving Facebook page ( if you want to be informed about the day to day, the IDC course starting this November, next posts and the great experiences we provide to our customers.  Hope to see you soon!


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