Since I was a child, my objective was to become a PADI professional. Recently, thanks to my internship with Rich Coast Diving, I have been able to achieve it. First I became a Divemaster and thanks to Rich Coast Diving instructors I was introduced to the good practices required to be a good professional.

For example to be a good role model behaviour, understand the day to day of the shop or to deeply understand the underwater environment. Then I became a PADI professional by being successful in the IDC and IE tests and practices.12294776_10153720778098864_1121442501831387099_n

Maybe some of you don’t have an inside view of what the IDC and IE is, so I hope I can provide you enough information in this post. The Instructor Development Course or IDC is a 10 day preparation for the Instructor Examination or IE.

As I said before I took my IDC with Rich Coast Diving; I have been taught by Martin Van Gestel, the Course Director and one of the owners of the dive centre; and I shared this time with amazing people, Austin, Casey, James and Ellie.

First I would like to focus on the importance of the reputation of the shop, Rich Coast Diving is a 5 star CDC centre that provides both a professional and relaxed atmosphere and excellent learning conditions. This combination invites you to understand the importance of being a responsible student and to be open to all the knowledge your are about to receive. Second I would like to emphasize the work done by Marin with all of us, from the very beginning he was able to manage fun and strength while teaching. In my opinion these are some of the key point that makes Martin one of the best Course Directors in Central America. Also I personally think it’s essential to be surrounded by a great team that helps you and pushes you  to be a better professional.12311152_10153720786713864_2483837560995773551_n

During the whole  IDC Martin has prepared us for teaching in confined and open water, to market PADI products and courses, to be able to teach prescriptively, to understand the standards and liabilities divers are subjected to and prepared us to  pass all the theoric exams. In case you are looking for a visual idea of what this looks like, I recommend you to take a look at the IDC Costa Rica Facebook page.

The second part of this adventure, the IE.  This is a 3 day exams where a PADI examiner tests you on theoretical and practical knowledge by doing a confined and open water session, a classroom presentation and obviously the theoretical exams.

If you are one of those people who want to keep improving as a professional in the diving industry you need positive attitude, personal strength and to be ready to have lots of fun. So in case you want to join us PADI Pro’s and become an instructor I highly recommend you to sign up for the next IDC in Rich Coast Diving is in February, for more information contact us via e-mail or facebook10462599_10153719889238864_6763165035494081278_n

Finally I would like to thanks one more time all the staff working at Rich Coast Diving for the help provided, to Martin for being patient with us but at the same time for being strict during the whole program, to the team I shared this experience with (Austin, Casey, James and Ellie) for being helpful and for creating an amazing atmosphere in the class and finally to my parents for supporting me during the adventure of becoming a PADI professional.


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