Making the most of your dive internship

There are lots of post about internships and loads of discussions.  Talking about FREE labor or slaves in the dive industry.  This of course is totally up to you as the intern.  You can get the most out of an internship if you give it your most.  An internship is definitely not a free divemaster or idc,  it means you work for your certification!  Every dive center has their own style and their own rules.  Here at Rich Coast Diving we offer various internships at different levels.  Most of our internships are over 3 months.  We do this so we know for sure you know what is going on in the dive industry.

To get certified as a PADI DM you need to assist in various courses and that is what you will do here at Rich Coast, multiple times, there is absolutely no role play; so once you hit the real dm world you know what you can expect of your divers and there will be no surprises.  Role play by other divers is not always the realistic way.1463880_233751253457075_1169378846_n

You will also have duties, like compressor maintenance, customer interactions, sales techniques and marketing workshops.  If you come here for the social media internship you will be busy with research and taking photos to post on our social media pages and of course you  need to use your skills to write blogs.

The more enthusiasm you put into your time at the dive center the more you get accomplished.  This not only helps your internship but also helps for your future career if you choose to continue in the dive industry. With each internship we offer PADI specialties like deep and search & recovery plus O2 provider, all this to make you a better diver, but we also offer all sorts of marine science courses to expand your knowledge.IMG_1837

Once you are ready to move on we will help you find a job; the world is a small place, but still very big.  There are numerous places for you to explore and oceans to discover but once you hit the PADI Pro in the industry people will know people who will know buddies and jobs.  Over the years our connections have grown and we can help you find your dream place, but remember, you need to put your input into your obligations as well. We cannot recommend your skills if you did not give us your 100%.

Ready to join us for a career change? Sign up for an internship in Diving!


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