Tropical Christmas

Christmas holidays?
This year I spend my first Christmas away from home, from my city and from my family. It is true I missed lots of things from Spain, but on the other hand I have been able to enjoy how other cultures spend Christmas. Also I spend my first winter in a hot country, which I found amazing. If you ever get the chance, I would recommend you to go to a tropical country for Christmas. Everything is so different from having the cold winters day that we are used to.  My hot Christmas experience in Costa Rica has been incredible thanks to the great people I met during my internship with Rich Coast Diving.10518679_563877327111131_8765522873683089980_n

But as Scuba Instructor my Christmas had two faces, on one side I have enjoyed myself but in the other I had to work hard, but diving is what I love.

My favourite part of this Christmas was the way all Rich Cost staff spend Christmas together, as a team. The best part was when we did the Christmas quiz. For this we set some tables outside of the shop. After everything was ready, we started preparing food and drinks for all the people who wanted to join us for the quiz. It was a great afternoon. Brenda cooked some chicken, my parents brought spanish omelette and others cooked sweets as homemade cookies and chocolate covered crackers, such a tasty quiz!1620454_563917280440469_6087306148661799518_n

Personally, I was lucky enough to spend Christmas with my parents and to eat mummies delicious food, such as roast lamb and spanish omelette.
With regards to work, Christmas is such a busy time for the tourism sector, and diving is not an exception. If you are looking for work during these holidays, be ready for long days in which you dive and teach courses all the time. But our duty as scuba instructors is to enjoy the busy diving days.
For example I had days in which I worked from 6am to 18pm with no break, making customers happy with their experience, enjoy my diving and having fun with my work mates. Getting home satisfied but tired I crashed into bed early, no time to party.

I have to thank all Rich Coast staff to make this Christmas “holidays” enjoyable while working and the managers for all the organisation, that made it possible to work smoothly.
It’s been such a crazy and different Christmas, but I have enjoyed every minute I spend away from home.
Now, almost new years eve, tomorrow we are closed, so tonight is time to party!!

Happy New Year to everyone, see you all in 2016.


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