This confuses the **** out of me

Climbing the PADI ladder is a dream for many of us, and as a Course Director we train many dive masters and instructors. At this moment we are in the middle of a PADI IDC and yesterday we covered standards and the candidates are practicing looking up standards in their instructor manual. Now this morning we covered the advanced course and this is where I received the comment of the title of this blog.

Confusion arrises during several topics, both during divemaster and the instructor course, that is where your instructor or Course director comes in and helps you clear the topics that seem like abracadabra for you 🙂

The confusion during the advanced topic came with adventure dives, adventure diver, or advanced.  Here are some clear points for you to remember for you future teaching careers and of course for your exams!

the manual is called: adventures in diving and is made up of many adventure dives.  So once Adventures-in-Divinga student completes any knowledge review from this book, completes the dive with you and meets all performance requirements, ( knowledge review checked by you) you can sign the logbook and a credit is registered for 1 adventure dive!

If the diver does 3 adventure dives you can certify him or her as a PADI adventure diver.  They will actually receive a PADI card.  If one of the 3 adventure dives is actually the navigation dive then this student can enroll into the PADI rescue course.  However be aware.……the student cannot continue towards the Divemaster course until the PADI Advanced card is obtained.  If you find your self in this situation with one of your students, just finish 2 more andventure dives and make sure the DEEP dive is one of them and your student is ready to go up the ladder for the professional step.

PADI Advanced certification:  this is a course made up of 5 adventure dive to chose, however DEEP and NAVIGATION are mandatory.  Now the student is ready to move on to the PADI Rescue course and up to Divemaster without any restrictions.

Finally -Max depth: 30 meter (junior up to 15yrs – 21 m)

Happy teaching and remember you can find all standards and rules in your instructor manual or guide to teaching.  Never hesitate to contact your Course Director if you have any doubts or if it confuses the **** out of you!  🙂



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