My first try in the ocean.

My first time in Costa Rica, my first time for 6 months from home and last but not least; my first time diving! For everything there is a first time. I always loved the ocean with all the animals and the beauty. Diving is was my bucket list! Now it was finally time to scratch it off my list and discover it for myself. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t nervous when I was going in the water but I was super excited! To get under water the first time was not so easy, because I was too light. Compliment but not so handy when you want to dive. Finally I was ‘sinking’ and after my pool session it was time to discover the underwater world.pool time, DSD
I did a lot of sports or weird things in my life but this was one of the strangest. I love to talk and be around people, but I also love to be in my own world. So under water in the ocean would be  the best place to be in your own world. A lot of new sounds but no people.
It is a strange feeling that you can breathe underwater but it is an amazing feeling at the same time, especially once I saw all the colorful, small, big, strange, and cute animals. I was so happy and curious to see it all. I was sometimes too enthusiastic, so my buddies had to keep me calm. The sea star that was being  eaten by a clown shrimp was beautiful. The abundance of Moray Eels especially the  zebra eel were pretty cool to see in real life instead of watching them hid in an aquarium..
After two dives I was convinced:  So Open water dive course lets begin, I am ready to see you underwater 🙂

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